Bridge into the Woods

Welcome to the 
Possibilities of Change

Female Friends

Do you find yourself asking if there is another way? Does it have to be this hard?

Are you tired of over-thinking and worrying?

I work with high functioning professionals who are seeking to experience more ease, joy, and peace at work, in their relationships, and within themselves.

Practical         Holistic

I engage every client in provocative and meaningful conversations

incorporating your mind, body, and soul to help you:

  • Increase your own awareness about the way you see yourself and your world, and how your mindset affects you (both positively and negatively)

  • Enhance your self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-compassion

  • Experience less self-doubt and a different relationship with fear 

  • Learn tools that you can practically apply to decrease anxiety, increase your emotional flexibility, & manage your feelings more effectively

  • Live more presently with increased resilience 

  • Experience deeper relationships with others and a deeper connection with yourself

  • Take actions that are in greater alignment with your values

About How I Work 

I strongly believe in the power of change and that our pasts (while important + shouldn’t be ignored!) do not need to define us.

I support you in making changes from the inside out by weaving the different ways of knowing using scientific knowledge about human behavior, nature, the body/the felt sense, and intuition to tap into the wisdom within.

I provide practical tools and guidance to embrace your beautiful messiness as a human, to understand your amazing nervous system, and to learn ways to shift the self-limiting stories or beliefs that have shaped you (whether from your experiences or your cultures) and no longer serve you.

I offer a mixture of fierce compassion, curiosity, accountability, and a sense of humor.


Together, we can co-create a space to embrace the sacredness of your humanness and leverage your strengths to support the changes that you want to make and take inspired action.